As Winnipeg Wedding Photographers, the Kaboha team photographs every wedding like it was for their best friend!  We ensure you look your best while having an amazing time! Being certified wedding planners as well means we won't miss a detail. Relax on your big day, we have it all covered! 

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

believer in romance

Why kaboha?

to remember
to enjoy the moment

Hi, welcome here! I am Ashley, the owner and lead photographer for Kaboha Photo & Design!

Our promise to you is that you will receive personalized BFF service. We want to know you so that we can best document your love story and you can remember the moments that were authentically you.

No matter how awkward you have felt in front of a camera before, we promise your beauty will shine in every photograph. It's our job to capture your best angle, so you can breathe easy. Having a good time always looks good!

Being a certified wedding planner as well, I wanted to make resources available to you to make wedding planning life easier! So all our clients get some cool help along the way too!

Let's connect soon!

Ashley xx