Engagement Session Wardrobe Guide


Wear clothes that make you feel pretty.

Confidence will shine in your photographs when you feel good about what you’re wearing. Feeling pretty totally plays into that inner confidence in a big way. So the best thing you can wear is something that makes you feel AMAZING and automatically makes you smile.

Complement each other, but don’t match.

Think colour palette vs sports team.

Choose lighter colours if you can.

Pastels, cool colours, and neutral tones flatter skin tones the best.

Colour Scheme.

Be mindful of colour scheme and how it will flow throughout the collection of photos. Maybe even have it coordinate to your wedding colours if you plan to use your images for save the dates or on display at your wedding.

Classy over trendy.

Choose classy rather than trendy for longevity in your photographs. Little black dresses are always in style for example.

Stick with two outfits.

You can bring more and I can help you decide what will photograph best, but ideally stick to two, so there isn’t too much down time during your session.

Flatter your body type.

Find online articles or browse Pinterest to figure out what style of clothing flatters your particular body type. If you are going to choose something flowy, make sure you have a way of snugging it up to the small of your back to show off your silhouette.

Make use of the season.

If it’s spring or summer, light flowy dresses look playful and cute. They are also perfect for in the water portraits!

For fall, feel free to add scarves, hats or bring a trench coat that be used as a second wardrobe look without needing to change in the cold.

For winter, wear layers. Most couples prefer not to be photographed in their parka, so wearing layers and choosing a location that is sheltered from the wind is your best bet. Matching scarf, hat, and mittens are still cute. I’ll bring the hot chocolate!

I hope you found these wardrobe guidelines helpful! If you need more inspiration, check out my favourite looks on my Pinterest board!

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