7 Tips for Planning an Epic Engagement Photoshoot

7 Tips for Planning an Epic Engagement Photoshoot

Want epic engagement photos you will remember forever? A well planned session is key to achieving your dreams of romantic and fun styled images. Here are 7 of my top tips for planning your engagement photoshoot.

1. Talk to your Groom.

If your partner isn’t up to date with all the latest in eng

agement photography trends, you may want to sit down with him and look through your favourite engagement photo blog posts. This will give you both a feel for how a session goes and set some expectationson how long it will be and why. Don’t overwhelm him. Just going through one or two of your favourites posts will be enough to insinuate that this photoshoot isn’t 5 minutes and 1 photo later… like traditional school portraits.

2. Choose a location that is sentimental.

If you are beach people, you should have engagement photos

taken at your favourite beach. If you love staying in and cooking a meal together, do that. There are many ways to document love, but the goal is to document your love. Think of where your proposal happened. Any location that is sentimental to you will ensure your engagement photos are uniquely you and will hold their value to you over many years to come.

3. Bring props that suit your style.

Not everyone needs props, but if your style as a couple is fun and whimsical, it’s worth the consideration. There are so many ideas out there, but again think about things that are unique to your love story while brainstorming prop ideas to narrow down on the ones that are so you.

Some common quick ideas:

  • Save the Date signs, banners, or boards
  • Scrabble pieces to spell something sentimental
  • Bubbles, flower petals, confetti to throw at the camera
  • Picnic basket and blanket for a styled picnic

What are your favourite engagement prop ideas?

Leave a comment below!

4. Looking Good.

There is nothing more intimidating than a camera in your face to bring out all your insecurities. Consider getting your hair and makeup done professionally. Wear your favourite dress or find one to buy. Maybe even two. Do anything that makes you feel like a million bucks! If you feel like you look good, your confidence will radiate. And you’ll be able to focus on that guy you are marrying instead of being self conscious of how you look… or that camera in your face.

5. Arrive Early.

We’ve all been there. We ran out the door late, hit construction delays (especially in Winnipeg), and have arrived barely on time if we’re lucky or ultimately late. And, that results in a frazzled frantic attitude, and maybe even frustration or irritation towards our partner, because it’s likely their fault, am I right? Okay, now time to kiss and get all lovey dovey. The last thing anyone wants to do is cuddle with the person they feel irritated with.Trust me, arrive 10 minutes early and enjoy some quiet moments with your beloved. You will have a chance to reconnect after a busy day, and feel so much more comfortable during your engagement photoshoot.

6. Make it a Date.

Your engagement photoshoot should be a date in itself to show off your unique love story. But if your photographer doesn’t have the same attitude as me, plan a date after (or maybe suggest during) to continue the fun. Heck! Make it a date dayand take the day off of work together!

7. Have a Goal.

What do you want your engagement photos for? Are you making a Save-the-Date with them? Will they be horizontal or vertical? Do you need negative space for text? Do you envision a movie poster as guests walk into your wedding? What is at the guestbook table? Will you make a collage for the walls of your home and need a sequence? Take a moment to imagine what you might want to use your engagement photos forand make sure you let your photographer know. Planning ahead and knowing in advance will definitely be helpful in creating cute wedding details and ensure you are not caught off guard afterwards when you don’t have a specific idea you wanted.

When you look fabulous, have a goal, are prepared, and have fun while uniquely telling your story through personal details, I promise, your engagement photos will be epic!

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

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