3 Wedding Planning Tips for Designing Your Own Wedding

Need wedding planning tips?

So did I!

A few days after Sach proposed, I looked through a checklist for planning a wedding. The letters looked so stark at first, then began to blur together and morph into a foreign script as I read through page 13. I got married before the dawn of Pinterest, we did books and paper style, but I can only imagine how much more overwhelming the feeling of starting to plan a wedding today must be!

So here are 3 ways as a past bride, wedding photographer, and certified planner, I would make designing my wedding look easier.

1. Make Pinterest work FOR you instead of against you.

AKA Pick a theme and colour palette that means something to you and stay within that look and style as you search for inspiration.

As you scroll through copious amounts of pins, it’s easy to feel swayed in a million directions so focus on a theme, style, or particular colour paletteto gain traction. Especially focus in on a theme or style that means something to you or is reflective of your personalities. If you are looking for a posh blush themed wedding, search “blush wedding colour palettes” or get even more specific “blush and gold wedding palette”. This will bring up collages of weddings already made and styled to that aesthetic with suggested complimentary colours. Or if you have more a theme in mind versus colour, search “winter wedding colour palettes” or “travel themed wedding” to gain inspiration on a season or theme.

Most Wedding Planners do “styled shoots” a few times a year, meaning they create a unique wedding look (sometimes with models as the bride and groom) to use their own ideas and explore their own creative outlets. So you can also search your theme words and end with styled shoot, like searching “seaside wedding styled shoot” to get even more collaged ideas for your theme.

By searching for a whole look/collage instead of individual pieces of the day, you can be sure all your elements (dress colour, centre pieces, aisle, invitations) will work together aesthetically because it looked pleasing together already in the collage.

2. Add in Unique Details to Personalize Your Wedding to Your Story & Make it Your Own.

As a creative, I am most definitely NOT recommending a cookie cutter wedding. I am recommending using what’s worked before as a starting point to make planning easier, especially if you don’t have an eye for it. Next, swap 2 or 3 elements to your own style or story to personalize it.Block out Pinterest for a bit, and think of what is unique to your story this far.

Do you like fishing or sailing? Find a unique cake topper with the bridal couple fishing (Cake toppers can be custom made! It’s a small world). Add in the element of anchors or gold painted fish hooks on your wedding stationery and in the centre pieces. Add a sign to the front of your head table or for the ring bearer that says, “hooked on you since hello.” Or, “all you need is love and a good bite.” Okay, apologies for the cheesiness, but I am literally brainstorming on the spot without Pinterest. And you can too, I promise.

What a great opportunity to have a fun discussion with your beloved about what makes your love story special? If it’s hard to think about yourselves in that way, ask a friend that knows you both well or a family member what they think makes you guys unique, quirky, or something that is just so you. They’ll have some insight for sure.

3. Know the Goal to Ease the Stress.

Misnomer: This isn’t something I would’ve done differently. This was a godsend that someone told us while we were planning! 

In the end, the goal is to marry your best friend and by the end of the day, your wedding will be a success. Getting caught up in details could drive a wedge between you and trying to achieve perfection could shave years off your life; I know I probably lost a few and we nearly broke up over where the video guy should stand. But joking aside (joking, not joking), whenever that stress, frustration, or growing irritation with each other rears its head, focus on the goal.

All you NEED to be married is 

  1. your future spouse, 
  2. a place to get married, 
  3. an officiant to sign the license, and 
  4. at leasttwo witnesses.

Even if you add tradition, a bottle of champagne to toast the couple and a cake to cut are simple to acquire.

Once you have these 4, the rest is gravy. It’s so much easier to add the details after these are set. Plus, you can always fall back on these 4 needs that are already check-marked to let the steam out of the pressure cooker. And trust me, eloping will start to look quite tantalizing as the checklist that was almost done somehow doubles 2 months before your big day. Come back to the goal/needs to keep the stress down and focus on each other so that your #1 stays strong. Am I right?

I am not saying skip guests by any means! I’m just saying if you were on Mars, these are essentials to being lawfully wed. I believe life is about relationships. And weddings are a celebration of your deepest relationship, with your closest relationships. That’s why we want guests at our wedding. So, I definitely recommend having your favourite people there to witness and celebrate the beginning of your marriage too!

BONUS: Hire a Planner.

This seems like a no brainer when thinking of making planning a wedding “easier,” so I will add it as a bonus. What I didn’t know when I planned my wedding almost 10 years ago, was that Planners have different services. There is the full service wedding planning that we see in the movies, hello JLo, but they also offer Day Of (or better named Month Of to help with coordinating all the last minute details and being your contact/emergency person so you can ENJOY your wedding day) and most do consultingas well.

If you are struggling in one particular area, for example finding a good DJ, by consulting with a planner, she will give you 3 amazing DJs IN your budget, IN your style, because she’s already done the leg work of knowing about EVERY DJ in town. She knows about the new ones, the best ones, their styles, and her client’s experiences. Sounds like a great person to have on your planning team.

Weddings are a celebration of your deepest relationship, with your closest relationships.

If you are still looking for more examples of collages, here’s a link to my own Pinterest board with Inspo to Go. Make sure to follow me there as I always update when I find new collages I like.

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