3 Tips to Keep Your Sanity as a Pregnant Wedding Photographer

pregnant wedding photographer tips

Are you pregnant or having baby fever and wondering how to navigate being a wedding photographer with baby on board? Wondering what is it like to be a pregnant wedding photographer? I have been there, and I have probably navigated one of the worst case scenarios… heads up there may be TMI here!

So here are my top 3 tips!


It’s okay to take a break!At the wedding, during the week, or all together from photography, it’s okay to take a break. This may seem like a dumb tip, I sure thought it was when I was a pregnant wedding photographer. In fact, I listened to my health professionals more than my own body. They told me I was fine as the tests were negative when in fact I was leaking small amounts of amniotic fluid since 20 weeks (I should’ve been on bed rest…). This leakage increased and increased, but I never slowed down my pace at a wedding until I was finally in an emergency state and admitted into obstetrics at 30 weeks.

I kept expecting my body to do the same things, but it doesn’t. So whether it’s morning sickness in the first trimester, tiredness or pain later on, take it easy momma, you’re making a baby!  Every woman, every pregnancy is different, so listen to YOUR body and take a break.


Everyone always seems to wonder how long they can shoot before their due date. I did. So many photographers say they shot until a week before they were due (and because of that advice I had picked a month before my due date as my black out date). I’m going to take a guess that most of them (and myself) wouldn’t do it again with the second pregnancy! Your clients are going to be more understanding than you are of yourself, so just communicate your needs and plan ahead.

Tell them you’ll get them the same awesome shots their expecting, but it will take a little extra time. If they’re not okay with that, it will make for a stressful day for both of you and it would be in both your best interests to refer them to another photographer.

Personally, I had so much soreness and back pain by 20 weeks that I wished I had picked an earlier black out date. But in reality, I should have communicated with my clients my need to sit down for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Schedule these into the wedding day timeline. Sit down, have a snack and some water. See tip 1: Take a break!


I had EXCELLENT second photographers! They made sure I didn’t carry a thing and even brought extra water for me in case I forgot. But if I had hired a third shooter, even just for part of the day, it would’ve made me feel more free to relax and take that break. That totally would’ve been worth the extra $$$, plus whenever you’re ready to rock it again. They can get to work on a slideshow or your blog sneak peek! Give them work!

And this below, me lying on a golf green at 19 weeks, that doesn’t happen again after the 3rd trimester. I tried at 28 weeks and got stuck on the ground, so delegate when you can. If you have a creative vision for an image, see tip 2 instead of trying to be a hero.

pregnant wedding photographer

So whether you’ve made the announcement yet or not, I hope that helps with your preparations for baby and balancing a photographer’s life!

What are you favourite tips for shooting while expecting? What was a life saver for you? What were your black out dates and would you do it again?

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