There is something extraordinary about photographing the newborn of a couple whose wedding I also documented. The love story & wedding always thrill me (I’m a sucker for real romance over chick flicks!!), but seeing the fruit of the happily ever after makes my heart so full! It’s the part that fairy tales forget to tell; a new kind of love, a new adventure. ⁣

⁣Motherhood has changed how I see. It’s deepened my love for the art of photography. It’s not just the memories that this couple will hold onto for themselves, although it is that too, they will pass them on to their baby boy and one day his children will touch these precious images. Photography to me is about legacy.⁣

⁣Being witness to their story and being the family documenter is truly an exceptional feeling and the reason I will never put down my camera.

Welcome to the world little Jason!