Shanna & Kevin first saw each other from afar. He was the delivery man for Fed Ex. She worked at a clinic and saw him regularly make deliveries to the front desk.

After nearly a year of just “seeing” each other, but never talking, they began to make adjustments to their schedule, he would deliver when he knew she wasn’t on break. She would make excuses to be closer to the front desk when she saw the Fed Ex truck arriving. A few months later, they finally worked up the courage to smile at each other and say hi. But that was it.

Finally, on Kevin’s last day driving that route, he decided it was now or never and asked Shanna on a date.

Shanna & Kevin LOVE the lake and go fishing together often. On one such trip out in Minaki with the family, Kevin took Shanna out fishing just the two of them. There in the middle of the lake, in their boat, Kevin got on one knee. “Will you marry me?” was all Shanna heard, but it was perfect!

This playful outdoorsy couple are getting hitched at the Hitchin’ Post this August and I am so excited for them!! It’s going to be a beautiful epic in their already heartwarming story!!