Christmas Epic Engagement Session at Birds Hill || Candace & Adam

Candace loves Christmas! She loves everything to do with Christmas! So it was no surprise to the rest of the family when her boyfriend, Adam, planned a Christmas proposal. But Candace totally didn’t see it coming.

When the family all went to open gifts around the tree, Adam handed Candace a GIANT box. It was like opening a Russian doll, with layer after layer. As the package got smaller and smaller, Candace’s excitement grew and she frantically tore at layers, finally revealing a tiny ring box at the end!! She instantly put the custom designed ring on her finger and grabbed him in a tight embrace, tears falling down her cheeks, “for real?” she asked.

“Yes.” He nodded.

The moment was even more special because it was shared with her family.

Candace & Adam met online. They got to know each other very well & fell in love before ever meeting face to face. I wanted to show and ode to that through a poetic short Save-the-Date trailer for them as a surprise. Enjoy!

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