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Here are a few of my FAVOURITE images from Annabelle’s little lifestyle session at 8 days old! Such a sweet little girl! <3


How to make your wedding timeline the easy way! Whether you are super organized, a spontaneous person, or an odd mixture of both, having a timeline for your wedding day is a smart idea! Even though you and your beau may want to not feel confined to a schedule, you do have multiple people you […]


As a photographer in the wedding industry, I have the opportunity to meet lots of other wedding vendors. It’s so much fun to get together with other business people that absolutely adore weddings like me. This past fall I had the opportunity to do a wedding styled shoot with Bryanne Krahn of Simply You Wedding […]


LauraLee and Jesse were set up by Jesse’s sister-in-law!¬†They hit it off from the start and immersed themselves in each others company. Jesse proposed during a moon lit walk by the beach on a family camping trip summer of 2017 and they began planning their January 2018 wedding.


TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY, SAID EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. I mentor new photographers and they are always asking what to buy next. When you start out as a photographer, the options available are really limit-less! And with such a huge price tag on so many items. What should you buy first?!


If you didn’t read my very first blog post of 2018, you may want to jump back one and check out the challenge I’m doing and maybe even join along. The first week’s challenge topic was “Who Am I?” Talk about being introspective. I knew I could take this as deep or shallow as I […]

Makers Make

MAKERS MAKE. Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? It’s been just over a year since I became a mother and what a change that has been! A beautiful journey of course, but I find my creative juices ever so lacking. At times this past year, I even questioned whether I still loved photography! […]


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