If you wanted to know a little bit more about who I am and why I absolutely LOVE what I do! I’m Ashley, a born storyteller with a camera. I’m also a certified wedding planner, just because I love weddings, but prefer to experience them with camera in hand. Most days you can find me chasing my toddler, cooking something new (I’m a bit of a home foodie), or coming up with brilliant ideas to take over the world during nap time with a cup of coffee… ok, more like editing photos and answering emails, but making a difference in the world is on the to-do list!

People Describe Me As: Genuine. Generous. Kind. Helpful. Brave. Bold. Relaxed. Adventurous. Joyful. Dynamic. Authentic. Glowing. Bubbly.

The Fly By
  • Personality: C/Detailed/Introvert
  • Love Language: Quality Time
  • Favourite Place: the South Pacific
  • Super Power: Organization
  • Favourite Colour: Turquoise
  • Biggest Fear: Snakes
  • Favourite Cuisine: French
  • Dog or Cat: Dog
  • Coffee or Tea: Coffee

My style is definitely natural & authentic, but I give enough guidance to make sure I catch your best angles during those candid moments. The thing I love most about photography is the stories I get to tell. I don’t photograph what I see, but what I feel and therefore see photography as poetic visual art for storytelling.

The Big Moments
  • 2008 Met a special Aussie; fell for the accent, stayed for the humour
  • 2010 Married that Aussie, my first and only love
  • 2011 Picked up a camera with the desire to visually describe love
  • 2013 Photographed my first wedding and rocked romance ever since!
  • 2016 Our family became 3 and my heart exploded
  • 2019 Started filming families to collect the moments
“Gorgeous photo after gorgeous photo!”
“Beautiful moments for our family.”
D'ARCY & ALEX, 2017
“Captures the moment & emotion so beautifully!”
“She caught the BEST candid moments!”
“Absolutely LEGENDARY.”

I photograph through the lens of relationship. I know each image is a legacy in your love story and will last forever.

My goal is that you enjoy your wedding day or epic session and that seeing your images always brings you closer together.⁠

A stress-free all-inclusive photography experience starting at 3200. Inquire to find out more ways we make your wedding day, the perfect day!

60 minute session at your home or outdoor location. Includes 10 images chosen from a gallery of 30-40. Additional images can be purchased, but no obligation to purchase anything you don’t absolutely love, starting at 250.

3-5 min family film to document your story & relationships with 20 professionally crafted lifestyle images created during a 3 hour session, starting at 750.


I’d love to hear how I can help you collect the artwork worthy moments of life that tell your story!

It’s as easy as booking a complimentary phone consultation or requesting more information by email!